How to restore your credit history?

In our material we consider what a «credit history» is. Tell me what to do if Key is spoiled and how to prevent its deterioration.

Credit history is a database that contains all the information about the interaction of the client with the bank and determines your solvency. On the basis of the rating, the Bank decides on approval or refusal to receive a loan.

Credit history contains a number of specific credit data: the amount, deadlines and delay, if they have a place. There are both existing credit products and paid.

According to your credit history, you can understand what you are for a person and how responsibly treat your debt obligations.

In credit history, all delay is recorded, even if you detained the payment for 1 day. Very often, banks do not indicate the delay fact if the payment is overdue less than 1 month.

The main thing is to notify the Bank on the emergence of solvency problems and report intention in the near future to close formed delay.

Data problems may occur if you rarely take loans. Since in an indefinite time you can change the job, place of residence, passport, which can cause suspicions of the creditor.

Credit institutions may make mistakes, and do not transfer information about the closure of the loan, and if this happens you will become for other banks with an unreliable borrower. If this situation originated — contact the bank in order for the data to be corrected.

If you need to urgently get money, you should not send applications at once in several banks, a credit institution may have suspicions and will refuse you to credit. It does not mean that you cannot apply for one working day, it is better to make it simultaneously, but send applications with a break per hour or two.

If the bank sees that you often change the phone number, it will conclude that there may be problems with you. It also concerns and passport data.

A large number of loans decorated reduces the chance of obtaining a new loan.

If you have been joined with the bank, it will be displayed in KI, and the bank in which you contact most likely will refuse to provide you in granting a loan. Banks do not like to bring the case to trial, as they can lose part of the profits.

The bankruptcy procedure is displayed in KI and banks immediately unconditionally denied bankruptcies. Since this is associated with huge risks when issuing a loan.

In order to improve your credit history, you need to know in connection with which it was degraded. After the causes have become known to you — you can move to action.

No one is insured against unexpected situations and mistakes. But if you spoiled your credit history, then correct it is real. Perhaps you now do not need credit funds, but this does not mean that they will not be needed for some time.