How to reduce mortgage time?

Mortgage lending is one of the popularity of banking services.

Thanks to this service, many citizens acquired their own housing.

The main thing in the mortgage is to fulfill its credit obligations on time. After all, while the entire amount for the acquired property is not paid — you will not become a full-fledged owner of the apartment or at home.

In the case of overdue payments, the bank generally has the right to remove the property and sell it from trading, but the money is allowed to pay off debt.

Another 10 years ago, rates in banks on a mortgage loan were not lower than 15% and practically no difference from the consumer loan. Over time, the key rate fell and banks began to compete among themselves + the state began to help people acquire housing at favorable government programs. All this made it possible to reduce the rate of up to 6% per annum at the moment, today you can

Someone has already paid a mortgage under the big percentage and bites the elbows now, but no one can predict that it will be tomorrow, especially in our country. And someone else pays. After all, a mortgage loan is taken on average for a period of 10 to 15 years.

It’s no secret that there is such a service as a debt refinancing. This service is very useful, it is she who allows those people who took a loan 10 years ago to save. Since they can refinance their loan from 15% by 8% and not only the interest rate will decrease, but also a monthly payment. This is such a savings.

Therefore, the market should be studied, you can find different banks on the Internet and read about their terms for refinancing loans. Leave applications or contact the company to «

The state is no longer the first year increasing a list of social guarantees and address assistance. If there was no time before such assistance and speech, now, for example, you can pay off part of the mortgage maternal capital (provided that the child appeared in the family), the amount of 484 thousand for someone is weighty, and for someone with its help you can at all Close credit.

And those who had a child in 2020, the state gives the maternity capital as the same amount as previously given for two children, that is, now the cat capital can be obtained for one child. The state thus wants to raise the standard of living of the population, as well as the birth rate.

Help in repaying a loan large family.

Also, for large families, there are also solutions that will pay off credit, for example, at the expense of 450,000 rubles, which the state allocates simply for the repayment of the mortgage loan — the program, by the way, has been valid until now, and many have already managed to use it. Thus, the bank simply needs to provide a mortgage agreement and the birth certificate of all children (three). The state automatically translates 450 thousand rubles to the bank account.

Yes, no one will give you money in the hands, they will leave a purely bank — you will only get an SMS message about the partial or complete closing of the loan.

As for those who have a debt less than 450 thousand rubles.

The entire amount of the balance of the debt closes. No one will return additional money, just the state will save.


The family «Petrov» has a mortgage debt 372 561 rubles, in 2020 they had a third child.

A month later, the family can submit data to the bank and get this help. The debt closes during the month, the state will list 372,561 rubles to the bank account and the loan will be repaid. And no one will ask anything in return.

This program works until the end of 2022, whether it will be extended or not yet known.

Early repayment of the loan is two species

Complete early repayment.

When you make a complete amount of debt and close a mortgage loan.

After that, the bank must provide you with the document that you should not have anything to him. 30 days after the repayment of the loan, you can get discharge from EGRNP that your real estate is no longer a pledge.

Partial early repayment.

When you make an amount on top of the main payment and choose what to shorten: the amount of payments or loan period.

You choose you yourself, as you will be more convenient.


Be sure to inform the Bank’s employee on partial early repayment.

When making a mortgage loan, an insurance contract is issued. It consists mostly for a year, and later it is extended annually. Accordingly, when the mortgage is reduced, you will reduce insurance payments. Therefore, early repayment is beneficial.

Another fact.

Insurance in a mortgage bank is a mandatory measure, but it is not necessary to insure exactly the bank that issued a loan, you can choose another insurer and also save on it, not extra a couple of thousand, or even more than 5 thousand rubles.

Save on mortgage payments more, also examine information about additional payments from the state in the network, the most pressing information can be viewed on the official website of the Government of the Russian Federation.