How to increase credit card lending limit?

Credit limit —

The bank forms a limit that can receive a borrower on the level of solvency and credit history. Accordingly, the higher the level of solvency and better credit history, the greater the limit can approve the bank.

The credit limit is divided into two types:

Minimum credit limit.

Maximum credit limit.

What to do to increase the credit limit?

After signing the contract and receiving a card, you can find out your credit limit by contacting the bank both personally and by phone, or in the mobile application of your bank.

On the same reasons to increase the limit, the Bank has the right to reduce the credit limit. For example, at the time of approval of the credit card, you were confirmed by a loan limit of 15,000 rubles, but after data processing, it was decided to reduce it to 5,000 rubles, because we considered your solvency insufficient.

Do not forget that a credit card if it enjoyed it correctly, this is a good assistant in difficult financial situations. With proper use, you can use the bank money without interest and commissions.

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