How to improve credit history?

No one is news that credit products are very popular in our time. They have great demand not only among young people, but also among people of more mature age.

When making a loan, people usually do not think about the problems that may arise later. Reducing at work, delay in wages, problems of another nature — all this can lead to a lack of monthly payments, the appearance of delay, and in the future to spoiled credit history. If the credit history is spoiled, most likely in the future you will receive failures on credit products.

Many people wondered what to do if there were failures on credit products, and whether it was possible to improve their credit history. Let’s consider in more detail the most common ways.

In fact, the only right way to correct the situation — will take a new loan, and repayment without postpone. But most likely that in a large bank will refuse you. And about large sums and thinking is not worth it yet.

It happens that you simply have no credit history, that is, you never took a loan!

In this case, for the formation of a credit history — you need to purchase some inexpensive goods in installments or the same loan — approve such a loan right in the store. Make monthly payments on time and approximately 3-4 months after its full repayment you will have chances

If you work officially, and receive wages on a certain bank card, you can contact this bank. In this case, the bank has a documentary confirmation of your solvency, and the confidence that you are working. Leave an application for a small amount, respectively. If your application is approved, it is necessary to pay interest on the contract every month, until the credit is closed.

In addition to large banks, there are microfinance organizations. They are more likely to issue loans to customers. Of course, the interest rate in such organizations is much higher than in banks. The amount is respectively less as the maturity. But if you need to fix a credit history, it is probably worth it. Microfinance organizations usually do not check the official income, and are not asked to provide any references. But before signing the contract, check the conditions carefully, and the interest rate. It is necessary in order to avoid unforeseen situations, and do not aggravate the credit history even more.

Sometimes there are such situations where experts from the Bureau of credit stories confused the data. Or the loan has been taken to you by fraudsters. Or the loan was closed, but the data were not transmitted. In such cases, it is necessary to contact directly with the Bureau itself. In case of fraudulent acts, you need to send an order for the initiation of a criminal case. In case of unfixed credit closing data — to attach a document confirming the closure. This must be made by registered mail. After these actions, the BKI must double your credit history re-with new data. Within 30 calendar days you have to come the answer.

You can contact the bank for a credit card, even despite the way. What you have a bad credit story, you can approve it. The limit in this case will not be very large.

If you often have it to use and repay debt on time, you will have a chance not only to correct the credit history, but also to raise the limit on such a map.

The cons of such a way is that it is impossible to remove cash with a credit card, as the percentage will be not very profitable, but for daily purchases and payment services this way will fit.

Also note that now almost all banks provide a «interest-free period» — usually its period from 50 to 120 days.

During this period, interest on the funds used are not accrued, the main thing to comply with all the conditions specified in the contract.

Now you know what methods will help you improve your credit rating. And in order to avoid such situations — regularly make monthly payments in the term established by the contract.