How to get a loan with a bad credit history.

Often, when receiving a loan in a bank, we agree to the conditions of the bank, without having fully studied them. The very understanding that the loan has already been approved and is about to tell us on the hands of us that you need to sign everything faster to get money.

But are we often thinking about how we will return money when there is any problem? 🤔

One finish will not spoil the credit history, but, but if there are several of them?

To answer the above questions, I will understand what «credit history» is, and what does it represent?

Credit history (ki)

When considering the application for the approval of the loan, the Bank requests information about whether you previously acquired a loan, as often received failures, and with which periodicity debt paid. If the credit institution decides to refuse you — a special mark of delay will appear in Ki, where it will be indicated:

In order to get a loan, credit history must at least minorly improve. This can be done only by repaying old credit debts and receiving new credit products.

Become a credit card user, they are often issued without checking credit history.

In most stores with electronics, there is no strict credit history check — to place installments to the goods up to 15 thousand rubles can almost everyone. It is not difficult to extinguish this amount, and there is no difference in the size of your loan.

This procedure allows you to reduce the payment, by increasing the period of payment of credit obligations. Restructuring will help you reduce the financial load and save credit history.

It is best to contact a credit institution to whose card you receive wages. Most banks are ready to make concessions for salary customers, as they can regularly sequen the process of receipt of funds on his account.

Often banks approve a loan secured by real estate. After all, your property will be a guarantee of solvency guarantee, otherwise, the property will be sold at the auction, and the proceeds will go on repayment of debt.

This is the best way to increase trust by the bank, although it does not improve credit history.

Thus, in our time, it is not possible to get a loan, even if you have a bad credit history. Most banks go to meet their customers. Financiers advise to take care of their credit history and minimize the risks of overdue. If such a situation suddenly happened, contact the bank and warn about the problem that has arisen, the Bank will help you solve this problem and it will not spoil the credit history if you hold the promise to this bank.