How to fix credit history.

In the article we will tell you how to correct the credit history and become a trustworthy borrower.

Credit history

You can check it through the credit bureau sites or through public services.

You can also

You received the first loan, for example on the purchase of equipment. You monthly make payments without postpony and successfully close the loan for a long time.

No, a loan, of course, will be approved, but the question is in the maximum amount and interest rate. The amount of truth will not exceed 300,000 rubles.

The bank trusts borrowers with several closed loans than one.

Therefore, in order to get a loan for a large amount and under a low percentage it will be necessary to take care of its credit history.

In most cases, KI worsens due to late deposit of funds under credit obligations.

Under the improvement of your ki, it is necessary to understand the update of the client information in the database. Delete information on one of the overdue loan if they have already been listed in the database, you will not succeed.
If you have found an error, you must immediately contact the credit institution, to confirm that you regularly pay credit obligations, and information in the credit base is incorrect.
If according to passport data, fraudsters acquired a loan in your name, it is necessary to obtain confirmation of this fact in court or the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
In other cases, it is possible to restore KI, only by receiving small loans and a serviceable return of funds.

It is impossible to improve ki only when you are a «malicious» defaulter and most of the credit institutions brought you into the black list of borrowers. In this case, the client does not have the ability to purchase a loan for successful repayment, and the most make a step to the correction of ki.

Getting a credit card.

Small consumer credit

Acquisition of goods in installments.

Cash Deposit in the Bank

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