How to do if collectors call at night?

In modern society there are many companies, organizations, institutions. Some of such agencies are collector agencies. They were created with the aim of returning debt obligations from debtors to the bank. After a certain time, after the lack of monthly payments, banks can sell the borrower agreement to third parties. And most often these collectors. Those who once come across the agencies know that they often exceed their permissible authority.

When these agencies were founded, they did not exist for them or certain laws. These organizations were engaged and engaged in knocking out funds from debtors. Accordingly, all methods are going to move — and permitted, and leaving the limits of understanding.

As practice shows, SMS messages with the threats of physical violence, causing harm to relatives. Cases were recorded when the windows in the apartments of the debtors were fed, the walls were painted by unpleasant inscriptions. Calls and SMS messages arrived at the speed of light. Pretty many people suffered from methods of these organizations.

In 2016, Federal Law No. 230, regulating the activities of collector organizations. It was created to protect individuals.

Let’s get acquainted with this law more.

Unfortunately, not all collector agencies adhere to this law. One of the reasons for this is the ignorance of laws by citizens.

You need to familiarize yourself with FZ No. 230. Referring to it, you can warn the office that if night calls do not stop, you will be forced to contact law enforcement agencies.

This can be a written application to the prosecutor’s office, or in the territorial body of the Federal Bailiff Service (abbreviated FSSP).

The application must specify the reason for which the application was drawn up. Law enforcement agencies will have to verify, to identify unlawful actions.

Currently, a penalty is assumed for violation of the law, in the amount of up to 500 thousand rubles.

Also, in addition to the fine, this organization, which exceeds its powers, can withdraw the license, and eliminate the organization from the register of FSSP.

Now you know what you need to do with collectors who neglect their powers. However, in order not to think about it, and do not spend their time — do not take place and then collectors do not disturb you. We hope our article was useful to you.