How to distinguish a collector from a fraudster?

Currently, fraudulent activities are a problem — everyone may encounter them. From fraudsters can be the same SMS messages, and calls, as from other companies. Mailing to mail, advertising on social networks — it can be both letters from the real office and from fraudsters.

How can I distinguish the collector from the fraudster? — We will discuss it in our material.



As we know, collectors have the right to make calls to debtors, in the case of selling them debt. Report the amount and repayment of debt.

Where is the guarantee that the collector is talking to you, not a fraudster?

Currently, there is a law on the activities of collector agencies — FZ No. 230. In the framework of this law, when conversation, a citizen has the right to know which office it is worried about, the name and patronymic of the employee is born. And he is obliged to provide this information.

After receiving information, you can compare the data obtained and conclude — when you call a real manifold, all the information will coincide. Accordingly, if there are differences — in front of you a fraudster.

Often, citizens who have no and no credit products come calls. In these calls, information is reported that a person has a debt, and it must be paid off.

In this situation, calls come according to fraudsters accordingly. They provide their details that are asked to translate funds. After such calls, we recommend entering the FSSP website — the Federal Bailiff Service, authorized there through a confirmed government portal, and request information on credit history — all active loans will be shown there, and the credit history itself will be shown.

If the loans are not indicated there, and calls continue to do — write a statement to the prosecutor’s office. Explain the situation, attach a copy of the certificate from FSSP, and attach the numbers from which calls come. In no case translate money by these details, and do not report any of your data.

You can call and offer any interesting shares in which you were lucky to take part. You no longer need to pay a debt completely, debt pay for you — most likely it is also not collectors, but fraudsters. After all, what kind of agency pay whose credit obligations? That’s right, collector agencies are absolutely unprofitable.

Not even having loans, you can get into the hands of fraudsters. Therefore, we advise you to keep vigilance, first check all the information, and only then act. We hope that our article is useful to you, and will avoid communicating with fraudsters.

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