How to correctly abandon the credit insurance?

The laws of the Russian Federation say that life insurance is not a mandatory procedure. The client may abandon this type of insurance both at the time of the loan and in the process of its repayment.

However, in reality is not so smooth. Credit institutions with duress impose customers insurance services, including threatening or increasing interest rates.

No one is insured against sudden health problems or loss of work. On the one hand, insurance is additional costs, and on the other — it is a guarantee in case of losing your solvency.

What are the benefits of insurance?

Insurance services are a guarantee of the bank and can be purchased for various types of credit:

As additional services, the credit institution offers — life insurance, in case loss of work or financial risks.

The bank employee assures the client that when making insurance, the loan will be more profitable than without a high rate. In fact, he just misleads you. The amount of the insurance policy can reach up to 30% of the loan amount. In most cases, customers are afraid that without insurance policy, the Bank will refuse them in a loan or overpayment will be very high, and agree on insurance services.

In fact, you can get a loan without insurance, though after about a week you will call the bank employees and say that insurance needs to be issued — you can not do this!

If you impose insurance — boldly refuse her, you can also say about this by a credit specialist — that you still refuse.

It often happens that the specialist reports that the loan will not approve due to failure. Approve, but if a specialist does not put it.

The credit specialist in the successful conclusion of the insurance contract receives additional bonuses in the form of money remuneration.

You can tell him and the jar is beneficial.

Despite this, along with voluntary insurance, there is a mandatory on which it is impossible to refuse:

From such insurance to refuse, unfortunately, it is impossible!


It is advisable to contact the insurance company itself than to send a letter, and ask for a sample. The application can be made independently. You need to specify: Passport details and the reason for termination of the contract. As a reason, you can specify anything.

Upon expiration of 10 days from the date of receipt of the application, the insurance agency should pay compensation, but in most cases the insurer delays the return of funds to 1 month.

If the insurance company had to be sued, then you will receive:

The funds you spent on the services of a lawyer.

A significant part of the insurance organizations are trying to protect themselves from such judicial expenses and indicate in the contract that a partial refund of funds in early repayment of credit obligations is impossible. If this item has been registered in the contract, you will not be able to return my money even through the court.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the insurance contract and carefully examine all the conditions.

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