How to check your credit history for free?

Credit history is all information about loans and loans of the borrower. It includes loans in all financial institutions.

These information can be transmitted between credit institutions for a simplified system for assessing the solvency of potential borrowers.

Updating information in the BKA occurs monthly. With the same frequency of the Bureau calculates the individual rating of each borrower, in order to predict its solvency and reliability for other banks.

Free check of credit history for each borrower is possible twice a year. If desired, the history of credit obligations can be checked more often, and starting from the third request for one calendar year the service will be paid.

You must control your credit rating, even if you currently do not have credit commitments to the bank. Sooner or later, it may be necessary to contact the credit institution for money. And if ki is corrupted by fraudsters or credit institutions errors — it will cost you extra nerves and the bank does not want to have a deal with you.

All information ki citizen is stored in several credit historical bureaus, but despite this, they are all regulated by the Central Bank of Russia. Checking KI begins with a request to the Central Bank, and in this you can help public services.

Through the portal of public services, you will not find your credit history, but there you can find out the list of bureaus in which your credit data is located. Usually it goes no more than two minutes.

If you do not have an account on the portal of the state service or it is not confirmed, you can always use an alternative option — to contact directly in the BKA, at the moment the most large BKIs are:

This bureau stores 95% of these credit stories of borrowers.

This report can be obtained in electronic format (PDF) on the email specified during registration.

Many banks provide such information for money. Usually the service is not more than 1,500 rubles. If you do not have a desire and time to deal with the subtleties of this question you can

It is necessary to follow your credit history, since more than 90% of our country’s population at least once, but they addressed a loan to the bank, we think it will be sad if the bank refuses you to provide a loan due to problems with ki.