How to buy land plot to mortgage?

Previously, in Soviet times, land plots and real estate could be obtained on state conditions. Whether it is a loan in a bank without interest, or long service. Or for merits in front of the homeland. I want to have many real estate, as it seems to us. But not always financial capabilities allow you to purchase the desired immediately. Currently, many banking services appeared on the market. One of these services is a mortgage. In the mortgage you can arrange not only an apartment, but also a house, and even the earth.

Mortgage —

Mortgage implies use not only an apartment, but also by the house, as well as a land plot. Many people now seek to have country houses, or small houses.

Fundamental rules.

Not all banks give out such a kind of mortgage — most oriented yet on apartments or at home. The selected area should not refer to the protected places, and construction should be allowed. Construction permit gives the local government, lists are located.

Terms of registration.

With the choice of the site figured out. Now what we need to have to submit an application for the consideration of mortgage lending? You should be 21 years old (but not more than 75), you must be an officially employed citizen, since when submitting your application, the bank will consider your solvency.

Credit history should not be corrupted, since mortgage loans are more arrogant in approval, rather than ordinary credit products.

The experience in the last place of your work should be at least 1 year. Also, if you have quite often changed the place of work, it can negatively affect the decision to issue you a mortgage.

What is the action plan?

Currently there are quite a few banks. We advise you to familiarize yourself with several sentences that give a mortgage to land plots, and choose the most optimal. Then decide on the site itself, learn and collect the necessary documents on the construction, and permission to purchase.

And then contact the selected bank. There you will be given a list of necessary documents, and the questionnaire for filling. If there is no residential building on the selected area, and you have not built it yet, then restrictions will act. The minimum amount for issuing mortgages to the land plot is 30 thousand rubles, the maximum 30 million rubles. The deadline for which mortgage lending is issued is at least 25 years.

The main thing is correct, weigh your capabilities before submitting an application, learn several offers to choose the most profitable, and correctly select a plot. We wish you a good deal.