How to accumulate to the initial contribution of the mortgage?

Loans, mortgage lending and other banking services are becoming quite popular in our time. If your financial capabilities do not allow you to make the purchase of real estate for cash, these banking services will come to help. After all, all people dream of their own housing.

It is convenient, comfortable, and we would even say profitable. After all, if we consider the situation when people think about — to rent an apartment, or to make a mortgage, the choice will be behind the mortgage. You invest monthly contributions to your housing, not removable housing. But to arrange a mortgage, there is little official employment, and the opportunity to make contributions to the bank every month. It is necessary to accumulate the initial contribution.

The initial contribution when making a mortgage depends on the amount of real estate itself, and from the bank in which you plan to draw up a contract. Basically, this amount is 20-30% of the amount of real estate. The amount that will be more to make can be — you will have the amount of payments less.

We looked at the situation where one citizen works, or he lives alone. If you have a family, both are officially employed, then the ability to accumulate the desired amount will be more.

If you have children, you can specify the initial contribution in the form of maternal capital, when making a contract for the mortgage. It should be understood that not all banks cooperate with maternal capital.

And also, when repaying the cost of the mortgage with the help of maternal capital, after half a year you will be obliged to provide your children (or one child) to allocate a share in this real estate. Since the maternity capital is a state-owned family support program, then when used it is necessary to comply with the prescribed rules.

Also, if you decide to sell this apartment in the future, it will be possible only when buying more in quadrature of the living space. But, a way in fact, not bad, in our opinion. Since maternity capital can be used to improve their housing conditions.

If you have relatives who can lend you the necessary amount — this is quite a big plus. After all, there will not be necessary to pay monthly interest. And you will not need to collect any documents. But if not, you can try to find an additional source of income. Whether it is part-time on weekends, or rendering one-time services. Currently there are many vacancies, as helping other people. They are connected with repair work, crossing, and other areas. After all, accumulate to the dream much more important, as it seems to us.

We hope that you will get accumulated on your dream, and that our article was useful to you.