How much to wait for the approval of the loan after submitting an application to the bank?

Competition in the banking system leads to the fact that credit institutions strive as, it is possible to reduce the time of consideration of the loan application, realizing that the cash is necessary for a person urgently.

Often, the specified time does not correspond to reality and lasts much longer. In this connection, borrowers are violated. Because of which this happens — it is unknown, because each official organization has a regulation for each procedure.

After you have applied for the issuance of a loan, the credit institution begins the consideration procedure. The term of consideration will depend on the amount you want to acquire, and the information provided by you. On the site of any bank it is time for consideration of the application.

Time shift is most often due to bank employees or customer themselves.

The conditions that affect the acquisition of a huge variety.

We will consider in more detail the stages of consideration:

Often it is called scoring or express assessment.

You can leave an online application on the credit institution website, as a rule, the answer will come much faster, already within a few minutes, but it is necessary to understand that after prior approval you will still have to contact the bank and go through a standard check. You can speed up the process of obtaining a loan in a bank in which you are a salary client, since the bank already sees your solvency in advance.

For basic lending programs in Sberbank, the following deadlines are established:

The application for a loan takes place a number of necessary procedures, the signatures of various employees are also required.

Often, the endorsement of the loan is delayed in connection with the inconsistency of data between units or additional verification.

If the consideration of the application exceeded the time provided by the Bank, this may be associated with:

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