How much to wait for approval applications for credit in the bank.

Obtaining any type of loan involves the process of consideration and the final decision of the Bank.

In one case, the bank makes a decision for several hours, and in the other you will have to wait up to two weeks. Let us try to deal with the period of consideration of the application depends and how to speed up this procedure.

After the initial stage of collecting a package of documents and submitting an application, a step of waiting for the client, and for bank employees — a stage of assessing the solvency of the borrower and after, approval of the application. In order to understand how much time it is needed for approval of the application, it is necessary to understand that the bank’s experts spend such a tremendous time.

The application for approval of the application occurs as follows:

The decision is made in a couple of minutes, to visit the bank for this is not required — the application and its design takes place in the store, usually for this store there is a special credit department with specialists from different banks.

The term of consideration of the application takes up to two days. Cash issuance is made in cash in a bank or on the client’s card.

Car loan approve from 1 to 7 days. Much depends on the value of the initial contribution. If the borrower can pay more than 50% of the cost of the car, the approval period of the application decreases to one day. If a potential borrower has no own funds, then the approval of the loan may be delayed, as large orders are considering the leaders of banks.

Since a mortgage loan provides for the obligations for a long time, the decision of the bank will have to wait up to two weeks. The bank must carry out a complete analysis of your creditworthiness, as well as take into account age, marital status and employment.

The fastest, banks are considering applications from:

If you come under all items from the list above, then you have a chance to get a loan in one business day.

The terms of consideration here are more, the main thing is not to have the current overlaration, if the borrower proposes on the pledge of the property, the deadlines will increase dramatically, as well as under the guarantee.