How microloans spoil credit history.

In this material, let’s talk about microloans and how they affect the credit history of the borrower. Also about how banks belong to those borrowers who dealt with microfinance organizations.


People using microloom, subsequently often draw up bank loans, with the help of which gave duty in MFIs taken under a high percentage. Make a new loan in the bank after MFIs much more complicated, and it is not only in the presence of outstanding debt, but also in more stringent requirements for the borrower.

Unlike credit institutions, MFIs highlights the borrower’s requirements:

Such conditions for issuing a loan allow you to take a loan, even with a damaged credit history, although your solvency organization will still be checked. This is due to the fact that any credit institution in the Russian Federation must cooperate with BKA, directing any information.

It is important to understand that a number of MFIs do not use BKA services to get information about the client, they conduct high-speed scoring and on the basis of the data obtained already decide. If you plan to improve the ki at the expense of microloans, specify in advance under what conditions MFIs and BKA cooperates.

Microloix is the same credit product as in conventional banks, which any borrower can take advantage if conditions are satisfied. Depending on the relationship of the debtor to obligations — microloans affect KI, as in a positive direction, if the loan is repaid on time and in negative, when the delay occurs and fines are accrued.

Loans in MFIs also spoil the borrower’s questionnaire. If the client often resorts to obtaining microloans, the Bank has suspicions that it often lacks money to meet its needs. This can lead to the risks of no return. Banks such borrowers are very often refused at the stage of consideration of the application for credit.

In case of delay in payment, the debtor enters the category of insolvent borrowers. As a result, in addition to bad credit history, the loan debt is intensively growing, and penalties and penalties are also joined. Already after a couple of months with a high probability, MFI will transfer the debt to the collector agency. Another six months later, you can apply to the court, and there before the service of FSSP is not far away.

Based on the high cost of such a loan, every day of delay can multiply your payment.

Thus, if you decide to get money in MFIs, it is necessary to take into account the risks of non-repayment, which, in the case of which only worsen your situation, as well as credit history.

Hoping that the bank will not see your problems in MFIs — do not. Since MFIs as well as banks cooperate with BKA, it will not be difficult for the borrower information.

Despite the fact that the information about the client is protected, credit institutions easily access data from BKA, since when applying for a loan, a potential borrower signs an agreement for processing personal data. Subsequently, it provides the Bank with the opportunity to see all the information, including existing agreements with MFIs.

If we consider the statistics of the issuance of consumer loans to bank institutions, then in 90% of cases, the Bank will refuse the borrower, which dealt with MFIs.