How is the percentage of delay in the loan?

In case you cease to fulfill your obligations under the loan agreement on time, the Bank has the right to charge you percentages for delay. Many borrowers do not pay attention to the points of the contract, in which all these nuances are prescribed, and subsequently are very much upset when the amounts of delay reach large sizes. Let’s figure out how the percentage is calculated for the loan delay.

All conditions on interest accrued for delay are reflected in your loan agreement.

Therefore, in order to avoid adverse consequences for you that may entail the difficulties of making another loan product, you should carefully read the contract before signing. A damaged credit history, or even court proceedings expect those who neglect the conscientious fulfillment of liabilities on the loan.

For example, imagine that you have left to pay 150,000 rubles on the loan. But due to life circumstances, you cannot continue to pay for monthly payments on time. From the next day, the delay in you begin to accrue interest, and such days of non-payment, for example, 10. The contract is spelled out that the percentage value is equal to the rate of the Central Bank. Today, this figure is 5.50. Hence the method of simple computing by the formula:

150 000 *10 * (5.50: 365:): 100%.

We come to the fact that the amount of debt will leave 226 rubles.

Imagine that you have taken a loan of 400,000 rubles for 15% for 3 years. Every month you will need to pay 13,866 rubles. Also, as in the first case, because of the problems that have arisen with payment, you have crushed the payment. The magnitude of the penalty is determined by the bank, but cannot be higher than 20% per annum on the total amount. The next day, delay you charge penalties in size, for example, 20% per annum from a monthly payment. The period of delay is also 10 days, then the amount of the penalty for this period will be equal to 13866 * 10 * (20: 365: 100%), that is 75.9 rubles.

It is highly rare to meet contracts without prescribed conditions for the accrual of interest for the delay of the loan. And in such cases, the formula for calculating from the Civil Code of the Russian Federation comes to the aid. The amount of interest is determined by the main rate of the Central Bank of Russia.

To produce the necessary calculations, you need to take advantage of the following formula: multiply the amount of the main debt with the number of days of delay and the current indicator of the basic rates of the Central Bank, and the amount received is divided by the number of days a year (do not forget that the year can be leap and innocent, accordingly Delim or 366 days or 365). The rate of the Central Bank is constantly changing, as a rule, towards increasing, so you read the current percentage before the calculation.

In the event that it is difficult for you to independently calculate the percentage of delay on the loan, then you can contact the help of credit calculators online. The service is available for all users who have access to the Internet. To do this, you need to enter the appropriate request and open the site, enter such important parameters as — the amount of the debt, the period of delay, the percentage (as a rule, similar services in the calculation of the penalty of 0.1 is 1% for each day of delay). Also, some calculators have the ability to enter additional data, such as additional debt, partial payment of debt and selection of the type of report: ordinary or accounting with the signature of the site.

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