FTS will follow all the money of Russians.

Last year, a large operation on the reconciliation of all incomes and expenses of citizens was launched in the country. The federal tax service began to analyze the costly purchase of citizens and request explanations if the acquired thing does not afford it.

If earlier in the field of view of the tax authority, only major costs were received, for example, the acquisition of real estate or vehicles, then from the current year there will be all actions, up to the replenishment of the account on a mobile phone or payment of utility bills.

For these purposes in mid-February, the Tax Authority was created by the «My Checks online» platform, which contains information about all payment transactions. Your cost data is able to see any citizen, for this you only need to confirm the number of your phone.

After authorization on the site you can see a list of registered checks. The service has already present on purchases that were committed last year, and many taxpayers found even the data for 2019.

The service «My checks online» was created not so long ago and at the moment it still does not contain complete information about operations produced. Some users who verify information about themselves argue that there are no data on them.

Earlier, the Federal Tax Service stated that it plans to combine this service with the online ticket office platform, which means that the taxpayer will reflect the data on all costs that were paid not only by bank cards, but also in cash through the online cash offices of businessmen .

Information about electronic checks will be in the Personal Account based on the voluntary consent of the citizen. However, on the basis of the latest events, no one has given approval, and the information is already stored on the tax authority website.

Thus, of the foregoing, it can be concluded that the tax authority began complete control not only over the income, as it was before, but also on the cost of a citizen. It will not work out the ratio of income, and expenses and identify the inconsistency. After all, if citizens spend more than getting, it means it has informal income. And the search for such a type of income, in our opinion, is the main goal of the federal tax service.

Despite all the events, in the tax authority, new norms are presented as a subsidiary to acquire tax deductions. Like, all cost information will be collected, and there is no need to collect additional references, which is in fact convenient. However, this platform is unlikely to be formed with such intentions.