Financial frauds, and how not to get into the hands of fraudsters.

Time is coming, the technique is improving, people get an education. All progresses. Including fraudulent activities.

This is obtaining someone else’s property, cash is illegally. This happens for various reasons. If there are no so many ways to get someone else’s property, then in our time fraud flourishes.

For example, before people were afraid? — Gypsy.

It has long been believed that they have a gift of convictions or hypnosis. Offered to predict fate, or buy an unnecessary thing for a certain amount. And ultimately, people gave them all that they had. Since childhood, children scared the phrase — do not leave far, but they will steal the Gypsies. The second terrible moment was considered bandits. They could intimidate a person, thereby forcing him to rewrite their property on them. Or during the Machinations to get the desired free of charge. Those times have passed, and no more dangerous types of fraudsters came to replace.

Our time is a joke called robotic. A rather large list of cases can be done without leaving home. Buy products, pay utility payments, make purchases, work and much more. Accordingly, all this happens due to the extensive web. And she, as you know, keeps the information that falls into it. After all, if there is information, it means that there are those who can take advantage of it.

Now there are in addition to official sites and others on the Internet. They are completely copied from banking sites, but they belong to the scammers. At such sites you can get from the search engine. Externally, they do not differ anything, but these are the data that you enter there will be transferred to other persons. Accordingly, if you specify your password to the personal account (if any), then access to your personal account will not only have. If, after the introduction of information, you did not have an SMS notification with a confirmation, or technical works appeared on the site, then urgently call the hotline, and block your accounts. While they did not write off the cash.

Also, there are often calls from supposedly Sberbank (or another bank that you use), whether you confirm the transfer of money or not, and everything in such a spirit. In no case cannot be called any numbers, anyone to confirm. After such a call, I strongly recommend calling the bank to clarify information from them, and accordingly report fraudsters.

What does it say about? Of course, that now there is a huge number of ways to deceive people. By voice. Read data from the map using mirror sites. In supermarkets, when buying a cashier also has the ability to copy data from your card. In general, you need to be extremely cautious and prudent person, and do not believe in all sorts of promotions, gifts and other tricks. It is worth remembering that free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

But after all, fraudulent activities are connected not only with this. Now I even often hear about the fact that loans have taken loans without his consent and presence, only according to the passport. True, there are micro financial organizations on the Internet, which agrees to issue money online, after consideration of the application.

Is it legal?

To begin with, you need to understand what methods exist to learn about it. Unfortunately, you can find out about it either when your debt will be sold to collectors, or if you make a request to the credit bureau of stories (than you enjoy very rarely). If it comes to collectors, you will need to go to the bank, explain the situation, or immediately write an application to the prosecutor’s office. But this is a rather long procedure. After all, in fact, the money is taken at you, and to prove their innocence, you will need to spend a lot of strength and nerves.

Fraudsters do not sit in place, and every day we develop all new and new schemes of deception. We hope that this material was useful for you, and in the future can be useful when protecting your rights.