Does the bank have the right to transfer debt collectors in the absence of the consent of the borrower?

Many are suitable for this procedure responsibly, weigh all the risks. Money payments conscientiously contribute. But there is a category of citizens who for one or another do not make it — they have overdue payments.

They are trying to return their money back.

Can they convey debt without the consent of a citizen collectors — our article with you.

Collectors —

You took a loan in the bank. Everything was fine, but there were unforeseen circumstances. If you do not inform the bank about the situation, and you will not find decisions, you will begin to grow debt to the bank.

After some time, the bank decided to convey your treaty to the collector agency, in order to refund funds. When concluding the contract, it is usually written that in the event of non-fulfillment of obligations to the Bank, the Bank has the right to sell your debt to third parties.

In addition to art. 12, FZ №353 There are other articles. This is Art. 26 FZ «On Banks and Banking Activities», and Article 857 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. These articles carry the following information — an account opened in a bank carries confidentiality. Consequently, third parties should not receive information about this account. FZ about personal data reports that information about the client can be transferred to third parties with the consent of the client himself.

They do not receive information about your account. Only personal data, the amount of debt, and the deadline for which the loan was issued. In this case, the law was not broken. And the bank has the right to convey these data to third parties. You can contact the court institution, but most likely you will not win. Since the trial is monitored by the data that were transmitted. If they do not concern the bank account itself, the movement of money on the account, then in this case all actions are legal.

It is worth remembering what to cooperate with the bank is much more profitable than with collector agencies. Therefore, try not to allow overdue payments, and in the event of unforeseen situations, put the bank itself. We hope our article was useful to you.