Do not give a loan due to low official income, what to do?

It turns out not to get approval on the loan. On average, one of their three customers receives the bank’s approval, and the rest are confident that their loan is not allowed due to low wages. Undoubtedly, your income is important for a credit institution, but there are other requirements. About which you may not be aware. Consider what conditions will help you get approval on the loan.

If the credit institution requires a 2-NDFL certificate, it is not only interested in your earnings per month, it calculates the debt burden. At the same time, together with the loan payments, the credit institution also takes into account the payment of utilities, nutrition costs and other need for life. If it turns out that you will need to provide the bank most of the wages for monthly payments, a credit institution, in most cases refuses the loan.

Think by yourself how the bank finds out about how much, you spend on pay for the kindergarten, payment of utilities and other costs if you yourself do not tell about it.

But there is a measure and this measure — the subsistence minimum, mostly repel from him.

You need to get a loan of 1,000,000 rubles, while your income of 120,000 rubles per month.

Three people live in your family: husband, wife and minor child.

Other loans costs are 25,000 rubles per month.

Costs for utilities and other expenses including feeding 40 thousand rubles per month.

120 000 Your income is 25,000 credit payments, 40 000 Common costs.

The parameter 40,000 will not be considered as 40,000, it is considered in the subsistence minimum of 20,589 * 2 + 15 582 = 56 760.

Even if you do not spend so much, you will consider so much!

120 000 – 25 000 – 56 760 = 38 240.

38 240 This amount from which it is worth repelled if the monthly payment does not exceed 19,120 rubles per month — the loan will approve you!

If not, it will have difficulty getting a loan, or a loan will be offered under a large percentage, since it is a risk for the bank!

Some banks take into account additional income — it is not necessary to confirm it, you just just tell you a credit specialist.

In case you need a large amount of cash, try to increase the period of payment and reduce the amount. Part of the credit institutions may issue a loan even with an increased debt burden, but under a large interest rate.

In order for the Bank to make sure your reliability, the credit institution can request a credit history. It contains all the information about where you purchased loans, how often payments have made and whether you have a loan delay.

The bank is very reverent about the credit history. Therefore, it is important. Some issued

If your salary goes to a bank card or you have a bank there, the possibility of credit approval increases. Credit institutions prefer their regular customers, the receipts and costs of which they are all known, in this case, even the references will not need.

Such credit institutions will be able to appreciate your solvency and approve a loan for a good interest rate.

In fact, it is not difficult to get a loan, but you need to be prepared for this.

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