Did the only property take care of debts?

In art. The 446 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation states that if the borrower and his family have a residential premises or a land plot on which the object is located are the only room suitable for permanent living, and is not the subject of a mortgage loan for the recovery of it on executive documents is impossible.

But it is worth considering the wording «the only

If your housing does not match the specified parameters, it cannot be subject to confiscation.

Also, bailiffs have an effective measure to ensure the rapid and complete repayment of debt in accordance with the executive documents — the imposition of arrest on property.

But this rule is envisaged as the protection of the interests of the borrower, since the arrest of real estate does not contribute to the eviction of the borrower and his family from housing, and relative to operation introduces a ban on damage and destruction.

The decision on the imposition of arrest on property is made by the court with the subsequent execution of bailiffs. The lender only submits a claim to the court, without further participation in solving the issue of the actions undertaken, nor in the process of their implementation.

At the present time, municipalities are given the opportunity to dispose of relatively residential fund. The debris of the only housing is unacceptable, and it is possible to cross the volume of square meters into the living space. In other words, the apartment is sold, and the debtor will provide a debtor with less dimensions and the remaining part gave a debt.

How many rumors did not go about the fact that for debts they can pick up the only housing is just rumors. The laws allow it to do no and most likely there will be no.