Declaration of debts abroad, or is it sweet live by European borrowers?

How many it seems, abroad to live much easier than in Russia. And the standard of living is different, and the salary is higher, and belong to the loyal.

So far we do not know, to answer uniquely to this question will not work. But in our article, we will understand how to recover debts on loans abroad.

In Russia, after the overdue payments that appeared, two things are being afraid — collectors, and bailiffs. In the case of collectors — they can make long calls, send messages with threats (although, thanks to the emerging law on collector activity, they have a strict framework of authority). In the case of bailiffs, banks are very rarely submitted to the borrower to court, they are initially trying to negotiate.

In contrast to Russia, banks are not waiting abroad so long to file the claim for the debtor. Abroad exist three stages of debts.

If in Russia, collectors receive wages regardless of the amount that managed to return, then the salary of collectors directly depends on the return of funds. Based on this, the activities of collectors in the countries of the European Union are much more productive than in Russia.

If in Russia the interest rate can reach up to 50% per annum, there is no such thing in Europe. There are more financially savvy citizens, and do not pay for money by more than 12% per annum. Based on this, we can conclude that microfinance organizations are not common in Europe.

After collectors follow the bailiff. And here there are also differences. In Europe acts

The lawsuit may not only address the state authority (in this situation the judiciary), but also a private attraction. For the work of a private bailiff requires a license. According to the legislation in force in Europe, a private bailiff has the right to establish the amount of remuneration.

Accordingly, it is not necessary to wait until the banking claim is reviewed — you can choose a free bailiff, as well as choose in the price category. Of course, it will be important for the bailiff to return the bank’s debt, as it works for the remuneration, and everything else he will earn a reputation.

The cost of medical services abroad costs to citizens very expensive, and in addition, there are such mandatory expenses as in Russia. If a citizen of Europe allows overdue payments, banks are initially given to him from 30 to 60 days, to repay debt obligations. If the duty is not started for the prescribed period, strict measures are taken against the debtor. And if in Russia for overdue payments you risk spoaling credit history, then abroad besides marks in credit history, eat housing, too, can become a big problem, as the data is transferred to the real estate agency.

We advise everyone to not allow overdue payments to avoid problems in the future.