Cybercrime — what is it?

The very concept of cybercrime means illegal, unlawful actions that make people using the Internet or computer networks. At the moment, this wave has spread greatly all over the world, and so-called cybercriminals are very developed and intelligent people. Cybercrimes include any crime committed in the electronic environment.

We can assume that the appearance of cybercrime begins with the 1990s and to this day it develops. Since this is an electronic environment, which means everything that is associated with the embezzlement of data, the introduction of viruses, hacking personal computers is illegal activities. Cybercrime is both a legal and social problem. After all, at present, most people keep their personal data in computers, phones or at all on social networks. For the first time, the hacking thought in the 1960s.

In the Massachusetts Technology Institute, drew attention to the university computer, and decided to experience their capabilities using manipulations with programs. Next, the burst of cybercrime is manifested in 1970. Then they found that they can make free call with a toy whistle inserted into the phone. And Blue Box was created — blue box. With it, it was possible to make calls for free.

The essence of the film was that there was a hacker that penetrated into the computer of the video game manufacturer. And this computer was a combat simulator belonging to the military. Under the influence of this film, the first gang of adolescents appeared, who called themselves gang 414. For 9 days, they managed to hack 60 computers, and some of them belonged to the laboratory of nuclear research. This gang of 6 people was arrested.

A student of Coroon University Robert Morris created a self-magazing program that was able to init about 600 computers. Among them were both governmental and university.

It inflicted America at that time great damage. From the mid-90s, the Internet network begins to type a large turnover of development, respectively, and cybercrime did not remain in place. Another problem appeared — when performing cybercrime, it was necessary to prove it. After all, with time, various viruses began to appear — Trojans. With their help, computers were outdated, the data was read, but it was quite difficult to prove the fact of the crime. Most often, this was written off on the inexperience or inattention of the computer user.

Like everything in our world, cybercrime does not stand still. In order not to get into the hands of fraudsters, or criminals, you need to be extremely attentive. Do not go on suspicious links on the Internet, it is better to choose official sites. Do not believe in SMS messages about wins a large amount of money, and not advertise your data on the network.