Credit under the guarantee of individuals.

If you want to make a loan for a large amount, then prepare for the fact that the bank may require the guarantor.


They are about the same as to the borrower, namely:

On the benefit that the client receives us for a long time known, but what makes sense to take on other people’s credit commitments?

This type of people perfectly understand the wholeness of the responsibility, which is imposed on their shoulders, and undertake commitments after making the client’s solvency. Improve itself with a relevant document, but in the event of problems, debt will be paid.

Persons who are ready to become a guarantor for a certain remuneration. Many people resort to this method, on the Internet of the Internet there are a lot of ads of a similar type «I will become a guarantor for money» or «I am looking for a guarantor for money.» And the law is not prohibited by law. Only here not everyone understands responsibility.

The most favorable group of persons for the bank. Since the blood or marriage unions is much stronger, and therefore the risk of non-payment is minimized.


Thus, always consider your abilities, if you were asked to be a guarantor. In turn, when you become a borrower yourself and you will seek guarantors — notify the person that it can be expected in the case of your insolvency. The circle of possible assistants will decrease, and who will remain — will decide consciously.