Credit debt on a loan from a salary card

Most of us are familiar with you. There are conscientious citizens who regularly pay their credit obligations. And there are not very conscientious. Accordingly, in the event of overdue payments, unpleasant moments emerge — the bank wants to return its cash back. But how he will receive back his funds — an interesting question.

Credit —

My friend had a situation where the debt was accumulated by paying utility payments. Debt for a long time was not paid, and it came to court. As a result, by the decision of the court, they aimed to write off from bank cards of citizens living there a certain amount, in charge of payments. The card with which the funds began to write off was salary. Accordingly, as the salary arrives at the account account, the funds were written off. The situation was extremely unpleasant.

The fact that, if it comes to the court, the debt payment is written off with conventional maps to which cash flows.

When you take a loan, you sign a contract in which we assume to pay on time. If some kind of global situation occurred, and you cannot pay, you must immediately inform the bank. In order not to accrue interest.

Also, when concluding a contract, you can specify the item so that the loan amount is automatically written off from the bank card. We are all people, there are such situations where a lot of things have fallen, or you forgot the date of your payment. For this there is an automatic payment. You have received salary on the card, and automatically it is translated into your credit. If the debt was formed, then funds will also be written off the cards. After all, when concluding the contract, you indicated this item.

Your overdue payments were transferred to court. At the hearing, the decision can be made to write off cash from your card. If you have written off the amount, in the size of the wage, then this can be appealed. Since it is impossible to leave a citizen without means of existence.

But after all, not only wages can come to the map, but also benefits, pension and other payments. If you do not have a social card, and social benefits come on the tighter map as the salary, you need to fill out a statement, and provide it to the bank.

What social payments come to your account. Children’s benefits, alimony, pension, preferential payments — these cash bank does not have to write off on debt. If the bank does not stop writing off social payments, we advise you to contact the prosecutor’s office with a statement. On the illegal write-off of funds.

Be careful when signing the contract in the bank, and do not allow unpleasant situations. We hope our article was useful to you.