Cons currency mortgage.

Monetary mortgage — a special program of a credit institution, allowing customers, to purchase an apartment in a mortgage in almost all global currencies from the American dollar to Japanese yen.

In 2014, there was a sharp change in the currency that no one could assume. For people who received wages in rubles, a sharp increase in the dollar led to shock. Only a part of the population was able to refinance their mortgage in order to avoid financial losses.

In modern times, there are very few people who are ready among customers who are ready to risk and acquire a mortgage in the currency of another country. Even with the fact that some banks offer very favorable conditions.

The credit institution in the event of growth in the currency will not bear any responsibility, all risks will fall on the borrower’s shoulders. Under the contract, the loan loan is repaid exclusively in the currency in which it was decorated.

But based on the fact that the Bank has no benefit in the loss of a potential client and its funds, they offer to revise the points of the contract of certain persons, and to restructure the loan.

The credit institution within the restructuring offers the client to transfer the currency mortgage to rubles or increase the cash payment period under the contract with a decrease in monthly contributions. In exceptional cases, it is possible to design a preferential period providing for a monthly repayment of the loan with minimal payments.

According to state leaders, at present the period of financial difficulty in the state goes to the decline. Already in the new year, the Russian ruble balances its past positions. But it is difficult to talk about how the decision will take power in relation to the currency mortgage. The problem is that today there are no funds in the budget of the state to improve the financial capital of currency borrowers.

If you intend to take a mortgage in currency, weigh everything for and against and only after that act.