Card fraud.

Recently, more and more types of fraud appears with the development of innovative technologies. Criminals prefer to carry out fraud, in order to illegally master other people’s money. Since, in most cases, people prefer maps, criminals interact with them.

The most popular fraud scheme

It’s important to know!

But, this is not the only scheme that fraudsters apply to pick up your money. Consider less common schemes in more detail:

Write an application to the bank on protesting an unresolved operation. It is advisable to come to the institution in person personally, and compile 2 statements, one you leave, and the other remains at the Bank’s employee. The bank considers the application within 30 business days, but if the operation was accomplished abroad, then the term increases to 60 days.
It will not be superfluous to submit a complaint to the Central Bank, where it is worth indicating that all your personal data voiced by fraudsters was disclosed by employees of the institution.

No one trust the data of your maps and accounts! This is fraught with various consequences!

Did you have such cases with fraudsters, as you did in this situation?