Can the debtor arrange a loan?

This question, probably, was interested in every second debtor. After all, sometimes there are a situation in such a way that except how to get a loan of other options.

But in the past, the citizen was overdue payments, or he still did not return the money to the bank that he took.

When a loan agreement is issued, the borrower signs an agreement with the Bank, which undertakes to fulfill its obligations on time. Accordingly, if this does not happen, banks are taking action. In addition to the measures taken by the Bank, a person will determine a credit history.

You can get a loan in this case, but it will be very difficult to do it.

Not every bank, appreciating all the risks go to the issuance of a loan to such a person.

Credit history as a passport for the bank. If she is good for you without any problems will give a loan, bad — will refuse.

There are banks that give loans even with a bad credit history, as much as there are various credit cooperatives that simply do not check the credit history.

But the minuses are that such banks and cooperatives are most likely asked to come together with the guarantor or offer a loan on bail.

If you have debt on credit products, you need to do something with it. Usually, we always advise people who have fallen into a difficult financial situation, immediately report this to banks. Currently, there is a few way to exclude overdue payments. For example, you have been reduced at work. Wages, respectively, you will not receive, until you find a new job. But I still need to pay your credit commitments.

It is necessary to contact the bank in which you have a loan. And leave an application for refinancing your debt, or on credit holidays. Refinancing allows you to choose other conditions under the contract, pick up the interest rate below your current, and reduce the amount of monthly payments. Credit holidays make it possible not to fulfill monthly liabilities, up to 6 months.

You can consider the version of the loan with the guarantor. The guarantor must be with a good credit history, and a steadily high wage. If you for any reason cease to fulfill your obligations, then your guarantor will take them on themselves. In this case, the chances of approval of the credit product may increase. After all, the bank appears a kind of guarantee that money will be returned on time.

A loan with a deposit can save your situation. If you have real estate, or the vehicle that is issued for you, you can, when drawing up an application for credit, indicate your property as a deposit. In this case, the chances of approving the credit product are also rising, because in case of non-payment of debt, your collateral property is entitled to sell. The difference in the amount between the sale of property and the loan amount will be returned (if it is).

Appeal to the bank in which you get wages. If you are officially employed, and you receive payment of work on the bank card, and not in cash, you can try to seek a loan to this bank. They will have confirmation of your income, and in case of non-payment of debt, the Bank can hold funds from your wage.

If there is time and opportunity, you can start improving your credit history. Return old debt, first of all. Then gradually try to arrange credit cards, for a small amount, or acquire techniques in installments. The most important thing is to fulfill monthly credit obligations regularly, and within the prescribed period.

You can seek help to credit brokers. These companies collect documents for you, and calculate the chances of approving a loan in a particular bank. If there is a chance — then you will learn about it soon. Thus, it saves you time, strength and nervous system. We advise you to contact those companies that do not take prepayments for their services.