Can imprisonment for an unpaid loan?

When we turn to the bank, we usually do not have about the consequences of thoughts. But not always everything happens as planned. An unexpected situation may occur, because of which you could not continue to pay our credit obligations. You begin to grow debt, penny. All this leads to different consequences.

When issuing a loan agreement, you undertake to return the money taken in full size + interest rate. Accordingly, if this did not happen, further work will be carried out. Your duty has the right to sell third parties to collective agencies, or to sue the failure to fulfill loan obligations.

If you do not receive payment during a certain time (on average, a month later — two), the bank begins to take action. The first thing they do — call the debtor. He explains all possible developments of events, and asked to pay their debt obligations. In the case when the borrower refuses to fulfill its obligations, the bank can either go to court or resell debt collectors.

In the case of collector agencies, everything is quite transparent — they will not be able to put in prison. You will receive calls and messages, indicating the amount of your debt, and the timing of its repayment. Consider in more detail the option when the Bank submits a lawsuit.

The court proceedings are the most extreme measure on which the bank is coming. If you confirm the presence of overdue payments, and refusal further payments, what can award court during the proceedings? You are obliged to pay debt. If you work formally, they can hold up to 50% of the amount of your monthly wage, in account of debt repayment.

Also, if you had a deposit left, then after a court decision, an arrest will be imposed on your deposit. You will not be able to use the subject of the pledge or sell it. In the event of further non-fulfillment of credit obligations, the subject of the pledge can be sold to bailiffs in the account of debt repayment.

It all depends on the amount of the loan taken. If you have not paid 50 thousand rubles, or 100 thousand rubles, you will not be arrested. The amount from which you can arrest — one and a half million rubles. There is a criminal code of Article 159 — fraud. According to it, criminal liability comes as a result of the embezzlement of a large amount of the Bank, and its non-payment.

A large amount is considered from one and a half million. The abduction in particularly large amounts is considered from 6 million rubles. Accordingly, if the amount of your loan is within these amounts, then you can get a criminal penalty.

If you indicated unreliable data about yourself, then this is also Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — fraud. For this, criminal punishment is also provided. Punishments include correctional work for a period of one year, arrest up to four months, forced work for a period of two years, restriction of freedom to two years, mandatory work for a period of up to 360 hours.

We advise you not to bring the case to the court, and try to solve the problem with the bank. We hope that our article was useful to you.