Can I make a loan for my passport without my presence?

In our opinion, this is a very interesting question.

There is a person, he works calmly, lives and does not think about anything bad. He, for example, exists not a particularly adequate friend who wants to heal. Or just envies, and wants to create trouble. Suppose that this acquaintance is absolutely unprincipled and ready for meanness, just to heal. What can he do? Yes everything is correct. He can take a picture of your passport. It would seem that here is this. The whole problem is that loans are issued not only in banks, and not only in your personal presence. It would seem that it is incorrect and unrealistic.

Currently, there are also organizations that are ready to give you a certain amount, having only your passport data in the application, and additional information, and the account number. These are microfinance organizations. For a large amount, it is not worth calculating here, of course. But there may be many problems with these companies.

These are small credit organizations that give out small (and sometimes large) amounts, with a minimum package of documents for collecting. In order to obtain this service, it is necessary to citizenship of the Russian Federation, a passport, and a second document, to confirm (SNILS, military ID, or rights). Certificates are not required to confirm income.

You can fill out an application for online, without leaving home. You choose the appropriate organization to you, indicate the data that you are asked to specify, and in principle, everything. Now, the conditions tightened (which is very good, as fraudulent activities decreased in this regard), and on such sites began to ask your photo with a passport.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, banks are not eligible to issue loans without a passport, as this is the main document for submitting an application.

No, but it is real, it is already depends on the skill of scammers, and from the vigilance of a bank employee.

Also, unfortunately, there are also unfair employees. Who close their eyes to unreliable documents for remuneration. Usually, these acts are criminalized, but not all people stop. After all, at the horse, a certain amount of money (usually depends on the loan amount, respectively, the more loan, the greater the remuneration).

Take a loan without the presence of a person by his passport, unfortunately possible. Although these actions are punishable by law. Be careful, follow your documents, and in case of loss, immediately contact the law enforcement agencies.