Banking corporations in financial globalization in Russia.

Simple words, this is a combination of several banks. A legal entity who has shareholders and founders. Typically, such corporations are created to ensure that the banks have increased overall solvency and liquidity.

Financial globalization

As you know, nothing is in place. It is also the case with the process of globalization. It makes changes to the global economy, and is constantly changing. As financial globalization is growing, bank assets are growing, bank capital. And there is a competition between banks.

Globalization is currently one of the important characteristics of the global economy. Globalization has the greatest impact on the banking sphere. In the period of globalization, banking is changing. And in which direction it is already depends on the globalization itself — it suffers deterioration, or improvement.

Innovation of banks occurs due to financial globalization. In bank management, an increase in the market value of the bank itself appears. It meets the needs of economic growth in order to preserve jobs, and all the functions of the bank are performed at the proper level.

The number of credit products issued products was reduced, real estate prices began to fall, people began to apply for loans with caution. It is worth noting that the banking system in Russia is behind the needs of the global economy.

The banking structure is developing not as fast as it should have. Citizens in Russia do not have sufficient financial literacy skills, which in turn leads to negative consequences. If earlier the government of the Russian Federation did not delve into the banks of banks, then the National Banking System 2020 was now created.

To improve the state of banking, it would be necessary to establish a competitive side of banks, namely to create the necessary conditions for customer service by the type of foreign countries. Also, it would be better to have several reliable large banks than a large number of small.

If you compare Russia with foreign countries — then there financial policies are at a fairly high level. From this it follows that our country with you needs to pay attention to this fact, and improve the economic sphere.