As the state helps young families.

In today’s material we will talk about the types of support from the state, as well as how this support is working.

This is a program from the state that applies to the entire territory of the country. In addition to this program, there are a number of additional payments to families. For example, subsidies for utility services or privileges to large families.

Primary requirements:

The main feature of this support.

To participate in it, the family does not have to have a child. But despite this, families in which there are at least one child, receive more favorable conditions than families without children.

Land, or cash.

According to the terms of this program, the land plot goes to the ownership of both spouses. Plots are issued in the order of queue, not immediately, and in the presence of these areas in the use of local authorities.

You can learn about all types of support in MFC, also employees are obliged to tell what documents are needed to participate in a particular program.

The state provides assistance in the form of certificates for the purchase of housing. The certificate can reach 35% of the cost of housing, the family can be obtained in the form of a subsidy. The size of the subsidy depends on the number of family members and the cost of the square meter in the region of residence.
Families that have maternity capital can apply it together with the certificate.

Conditions for obtaining a subsidy:

The family should be registered as needing improvement in housing conditions.
To have a part of the residual funds for buying a housing, you can get a mortgage loan.
The housing area must comply with the standards for each family member.

You can get a mortgage under 6.5% per annum, but this program applies only to new buildings and works not yet in all regions of the Russian Federation. In the family there must be children — this is a prerequisite. The last year this program is gaining great popularity.

It is possible to observe that over the past 10 years, the state has paid much attention to supporting the population of its country.