Analysis of the state and development of the bank lending to the population in the Russian Federation at the present stage.

Lending is an instrument of economic development. In Russia, the number of citizens with loans is constantly growing.

In 2019, loans were 39.5 million people, and for the year this figure rose to 44.7 million people. It is clearly seen that the growth is quite large. The population of the Russian Federation is equal to 145,975 3,00 people. In essence, one third population uses credit products.

Get a loan is not difficult. More difficult for some citizens to return it back to the bank. Because of this, overdue payments occur, and growing debts from citizens.

The growth rate of income of the population grows quite slowly. This leads to a decrease in the solvency of citizens. In this case, interest rates in some banks increase. Accordingly, the risk of lending to individuals is growing.

Risk in what plan?

Based on this situation and introduced the concept — a loan load. At the moment, in addition to the level of income and credit history, the banks began to check the credit load of citizens.

Credit Load

Everything has the property to change, banking conditions offered to citizens, no exception. The change in interest rates directly affects the solvency of citizens. With a decrease in the interest rate, the citizen will be more solvent, with an increase, therefore, on the contrary, the solvency is reduced.

Reducing solvency affects the timely payment of credit obligations, and in their absence — to an increase in debt on credit products. The more credit products remain unbroken, the more likely the risk of banking systems to be in the crisis situation.

To restore the bank lending market, competition occurs between banks. It is in providing more profitable credit products for citizens. Under more favorable conditions, the interest rate is meant lower than in the rest, the mitigation of banking requirements for borrowers.

Some banks are very asked to provide an extensive list of documents and certificates to obtain a loan. But, in return, they offer more favorable credit conditions. This happens for the reason that banks try to protect themselves from unwanted risks.

Previously, loans were not so claimed, as at the moment. Now, especially modern youth, seeks to raise the standard of living. One category of citizens appeals for help to banks in order to get a good education. The second category is experiencing difficulties with the place of residence, and seek to improve housing conditions. The third category of citizens wants to open their business, and try themselves in business. There is also a category of citizens who have faced health problems requiring immediate treatment.

To say unequivocally, for some of the categories, the loan is vital, but another category could not contact the bank — it is impossible. Each has its own priorities in life, their values. The problem of lending is not for what reason the citizen appealed for a loan, and in the fact that before the loan appeal does not calculate the financial situation for the future.

In banks, when making a loan, it is proposed to insure a loan product. Yes, for insurance, the borrower will pay additionally, and from his pocket. Yes, it often seems that this is an absolutely unnecessary service. But, if we take into account the unpredictability of our life with you, then insurance can very much to help a citizen who has fallen into a difficult financial situation.

It can be a reduction in work, or a decrease in wages, or any other event that is spelled out in the insurance case. If the insured event has come — the insurance company will compensate for the debts of the borrower to the bank. Very often, the thought to seek a loan is the only option to raise the standard of living and

Recently, banking organizations began to offer their customers or potential borrowers personal offers. These proposals are made on the calculation of the customer’s solvency, and its credit history. If the real income of borrowers grow, then it is not particularly worried about anything — neither banks or borrowers. But a large number of credit products without income growing can lead citizens to bankruptcy, and subsequently the banks to the crisis.

To stabilize the financial economy, various measures are being taken. This is a decrease in interest rates, creating favorable conditions. The term was introduced —

If the credit system in Russia is stable and its qualitative indicators will grow — this will have a positive effect on the development of the country’s economy. Improving the standard of living of citizens, income growth, economic and political stability will promote improved credit operations.

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