Advertising moves of banks.

To bitter regret, but the deception of banks of their potential customers is quite frequent. Often, in pursuit of maximum profit, credit institutions are misleading and impose unnecessary services. In this article we describe a number of recommendations. Which will make a loan on favorable terms.

Each credit institution conducts courses for its employees. Credit is the same product as an appliances in the store. Managers teach properly sell these products with maximum benefits for the bank, and not for a potential client.

Keep indifference and sound intelligence when communicating with specialists. Request additional service rates on paper and be careful. No matter how the services did not paint — think whether they really need you.

The more loan liabilities, the more benefits you will bring the bank in the form of a overpayment of interest. It is about this that the bank managers often put pressure on the client, offering him to take a loan for a longer period, saying that the short term will not approve. Explaining this by the fact that at any time you can repay the debt ahead of time, and it is better to have a lower monthly payment.

In fact, this is done specifically to persuade the client.

Almost every loan agreement is accompanied by the purchase of the Insurance Policy. In rare cases, it happens that one client makes several insurance policies of different types, and the amount of insurance can reach 20% -40% of the total amount of the loan. Each client has the right to refuse insurance, with the exception of compulsory insurance of property when making a mortgage and vehicle with auto loan.

If you want to get a loan without cheating, do not listen to a specialist who says that insurance is obligatory and without it will not approve credit obligations. This is a hoax and a significant violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation. The borrower connects additional services — only at will.

If the manager is very persistent and refuses to arrange a loan without this service — contact the manager. If your dialogue with the manager for a number of reasons can not take place, call the hot line of the credit institution. After that your question will be quickly solved.

In any case, carefully check the documents you subscribe, since the statement may be imperceptible to slip!

If you want to take a loan without deception, you should not blindly believe advertising and loud slogans of banks that offer super-profitable interest rate. Often, advertising is the marketing course of banks that lures customers into the bank branch, and there already trained specialists nullify customers and make out loans on conditions that are not related to advertising.

In a credit institution, you can really make a loan, for example, under 12% per annum, but the percentage will be relevant if you are a salary client and are going to get a loan for a period of 1 to 2 years.

Choosing an assistant should also be carefully. Usually reliable companies do not take prepayments and advances for their work. Also, as they do not promise 100% credit approval.

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