8 rules that will help to issue a profitable loan

Lending in modern realities allows citizens without any special problems to obtain the necessary amount of money. The effectiveness of the conclusion of the loan agreement largely depends on the credit conditions, which are formed at the initial stage of the application.

The presence of hidden payments, fines and overestimated commissions leads to a significant increase in the cost of the loan, which in turn increases the loan load of the borrower. This can cause a delay or forced debt recovery at all.

Experts in the field of lending are recommended to adhere to the basic rules that increase the chances of making a profitable loan.

The marketing company of financial organizations is aimed at attracting potential borrowers. In the context of tough competition, the banks are intentionally, when creating advertising posters, distort the facts that relate to credit products. For example, the interest rate is strongly underestimated or not reported on additional payments.


Read loan. According to the law, grant loans under 0% — prohibited.

Public amount without checking the solvency of the borrower.

Activity of clear lending conditions.

Useful and truthful creditor information is usually on thematic sites. There you can find lists of the best credit products of this bank, as well as a bank reliability rating. There are also special forums where real people leave their reviews. If the bank periodically violates the terms of contracts, then there will be a lot of negative feedback on the Internet.

Compare several offers from various credit institutions, for example, such a credit product as a mortgage. Choose the most comfortable conditions for you. You can compare offers by hand, attending different sites of banks and using specialized sites, for example, comparable.

A profitable loan should not always have a low interest rate. In most cases, the effectiveness of the program depends on the set of factors that affect the process of registration and repayment of the loan. Also, do not forget that most credit institutions provide discounts or reduced interest for salary customers.

If there is a credit calculator on the credit organization’s website, then you will certainly use it. This program works online, and allows you to calculate the exemplary credit parameters, repulse from the data that the borrower indicated.

It is best to submit applications for a loan into those credit institutions where the loan has previously acquired and showed ourselves as a solvent borrower. The most favorable interest rates are most often provided to borrowers who have contributed to this bank, or receive state payments or wages. New borrowers often relies the basic lending program, which provides for a high interest rate.

If the borrower is not a salary client of the bank, but wants to receive a profitable interest rate — you will have to provide an extended package of documentation. One passport, as a rule, small loans with high overpayments are provided. However, if you add a certificate of income or a copy of the workbook to the passport, then the chances of approval will increase.

As a rule, if the borrower provides the bank of the guarantor or a deposit in the form of movable or immovable property, the likelihood of a loan approval increases. This is due to the fact that the lender significantly reduces its risks, and is ready to provide you with more favorable lending conditions.

Most credit institutions, for greater profits, impose additional services to borrowers in which there is no need. These may be insurance, the services of the bank for maintenance of a loan (SMS informing) or receiving additional credit products (credit or debit card).

Insurance of life when making a consumer loan is optional, as if you were not overwhelmed by the Bank’s employees. In mandatory, you will be asked to provide insurance only for mortgage property.

If you have any problems for any reason, you can always contact us and we will help you choose a profitable loan.